Inside the world of an MUA: The time I got cheated!!

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I’m starting something new on the blog. It’s going to be like a series and from the title, you can see that I’ve called it “Inside the world of an MUA.” Under this series, I’m going to be writing about the good, bad and ugly things we makeup artists and enthusiasts go through. There are a lot that we experience and can’t speak up about it. So using my personal experiences, I’m going to be voicing them out. 

I want this series to be very interactive. So I would really love that you also share your experiences. If you’re also a blogger, feel free to write about it on your blog as well. 

Today’s episode is very recent. Some of us have been extorted or cheated when buying makeup. Either we are tricked to buy fake products or tricked to pay unreasonable prices for products. I’m sharing a very unfortunate and painful experience today, and I do hope you learn from it.


So I had a job for the weekend and needed to buy two pairs of lashes for my clients. I went to a makeup studio where the owner is a very good friend of mine. I trusted that her things would be original and fair priced. I saw some lashes and asked how much. She’s said 1500 Naira. Looking at the quality of the lashes, I felt it was over priced but I chose to trust her (poor me).

I bought the lashes eventually, two for 3000 Naira. The next day when I went for the job, it was time to apply lashes and I found them useless. Very stiff. Anyway, that evening, I went to a big supermarket and was browsing through their makeup section. I saw this exact same lashes and I asked the sales girl for the price and she said 300 Naira! I told her that can’t be right that I just bought it for 1500. I asked her to confirm from the system. It was still 300 Naira!! I was very pained and furious! I realized that I had been cheated! Cheated by someone I trusted, someone I learned from. I paid 5 times the original price for the lashes and not only bought one, but two of the lashes!! 😤😤😤

For the next few days, it disturbed me. I wanted to go and confront her but then I remembered that I suck at confrontation.😢 I just decided to let it go and never buy a thing from her again.

This has taught me a very good lesson. Never to be too trusting even when the person is well established and seen as a professional.


Have you ever been cheated while buying makeup? If yes, please feel free to share your experience in the comment box. 😊


8 thoughts on “Inside the world of an MUA: The time I got cheated!!

  1. Themakeupmind

    omg! i can imagine how you felt. I havn’t been exactly cheated but several times, i have bought expensive products and found them for a much cheaper price. Now it has made to search several stores before purchasing a product. Sorry dear

  2. Omg i was cheated once, i ordered for a coastal scents palette and paid good money for the good stuff •i thought• only for it to arrive and it was nameless without brand and the eyeshadow was just so ashy and had a terrible smell like plastic, i couldn’t let that go i confronted the lady and she refunded me #noTime

    1. Yea I thought of it in that way too but then I remembered how uncomfortable and mischievous she was looking that day. Like she was lying to me… I’ve decided to forgive and forget tho 🙂

  3. Ellapinkette

    I once got a bronzer from a huge cosmetics shop that I patronize every other week. It was 1500. I didn’t plan for a bronzer and I don’t like to buy ‘unbranded brands’ but it just seemed ok cuz they were the ones selling. I went to the market later and randomly asked for the price. It was 500 there. I went to Lagos Island much later and saw that same bronzer for 350. It hurt! Lol! But I just learnt to be sure of what I was purchasing next time. Brand and price.

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