Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


Product Details


Mary Kay foundation 507
LA pro HD concealer in cool tan (highlight)
Black Opal Stick foundation in beautiful bronze (contour)
House of Tara powder palette
LA Girl pressed powder in dark cocoa (contour)
Nicka K bronzer

BH Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow pallete 5th edition
NYX Jumbo pencil
Wet & Wild eye shadow pallet (Blue had me at hello)
Makeup forever mascara
Maybelline collosal kajal
Jordana brow pencil in dark brown
Red Cherry lashes #47


LA Girl lip liner in dark brown

Kayge Lipstick in mist


17 thoughts on “Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. badgurlsuzy

    Oh please! Who hasn’t seen black smokey eye on youtube before? Every beauty guru on youtube has made a black smokey eye look and everybody has seen it aint nobody in this smokey eye look anymore I bet you get more than 100views with this(that’s if you even get up to 100)people want something different and refreshing..Don’t you want people to like you&your videos? If you do then try something that isn’t on youtube

    1. Hey Suzy, thanks for your comment. But just because you think a black smokey eye look is nothing doesn’t mean other people don’t see it as something. FYI, I’ve had people ask me to teach them how to create a smokey eye so don’t assume people are no longer interested. And i may not have up to 100 views but i’m grateful for the every little view I get. Once again, thanks.

  2. badgurlsuzy

    Am not mocking you nor am I saying people do not like smokey eyes,what am trying to say is millions of people on youtube have already seen it. Try to be a little more creative in your titles like this title of yours would have been maybe ‘valentines smoked look’ or smokey eyes using abh amrezy palette’ learnt this from sisiyemmie who has over a million views on her blog I know you love makeup but am sure you want subscribers and views too to show people appreciates you. Its just an advice,I really like you and want you to grow and if you take this advice you will see changes

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