My Christmas and Birthday List

xmas wish list2

It’s my favourite time of the year!! Yayy!! 

I would have done just a Christmas wish list but since my birthday is 5 days from the 25th (yes, New Year’s day!), I decided to merge it together. So its actually my Christmas/New Year’s/Birthday wish list. 😀

So I have 12 things on my list. There’s more but these are my most wanted…

  1. Professional Camera: I plan to be consistent with youtube videos next year and i’ld really love to have a very good solid camera. The Canon 700D won’t be bad. 😀
  2. Ring light: I’ve been stalking ring light and this is mostly used by youtube makeup artists. Even if I don’t get the camera, I should at least get this and use it with my present camera.
  3. Big professional makeup box: Two months after buying my present makeup box, it became small to contain my things. Lol! I keep buying and buying…so, I think its very advisable to get a bigger one.
  4. Makeup chair: My main reason for having this on my list is that I hate bending to do client’s makeup. It can be very uncomfortable! I’ld like to have one that I can carry around easily for jobs. The kind that can fold up into one bunch.
  5. RCMA foundation palette: Just because I don’t want to be carrying tubes of foundation around. They take a lot of space. Plus I’ve heard so much about the RCMA foundation palette.
  6. Makeup Forever Flash palette: I love the versatility of this palette. It can be used for almost anything, the eyes, lips, or just a fun artistic makeup look.
  7. Bobbi Brown Limited edition bronze glow highlighter: The power of highlighters and bronzer have been revealed to me this year and after coming across this Bobbi Brown highlighter through @makeupgameonpoint (Jackie O) on Instagram, it’s all I can think of.
  8. Too Faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette: To be honest, the only reason why I want this palette is because of the fact that its smells like chocolate! And I’m a proud chocolate lover! 😀
  9. Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade: I wasn’t so sure of this product when it first came out and there was a lot of hype. I just wanted to take my time to watch it and read reviews about it. But now, I think I’m ready to own this baby!
  10. Brow waxing kit and Brow threading kit: I never told you guys that middle of this year, I went to learn eyebrow waxing and threading. It was very enlightening and fun! I haven’t been able to get a kit cos its not something you find everywhere and I really need to own one soon before I forget what I learnt. Hehe.. 😀
  11. Glitter: I want to have more fun with makeup in 2015 and using glitter is one of the ways I want to achieve this.

What’s on your Christmas and New Year wish list??? Share with me in the comment box! 😀


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