Dubai mini makeup haul

Hey guys!
So I went on holidays recently to Dubai and was able to get a few things. Couldn’t get so much cos I was under a budget. 😐
Anyway, I got the essential things I know I may not be able to get back home.


1) No 7 Beautifully matte face primer: I’ve been looking at this product from afar and wasn’t sure of how good the brand was but after reading about it on a friends blog, I decided to buy. I must say that I’m very impressed with it so far!! I would be doing an in depth review on it soon.

2) Maybelline falsies mascara “black drama”: if you follow my blog well you’ll know that this is my all time favourite mascara! Its like the apple of my eye 😍🍎. I never fail to buy it anytime I travel out. I’ve already done a review on it.
3) Maybelline lasting drama gel liner: this is my second time of buying this gel liner. I really enjoyed it and ran out of it so fast.


4) Cinema Secrets makeup sponge: I recently realised how useful makeup sponges are in makeup and I decided to purchase one.

5) Bdellium tools flat eye definer brush: This brush has been on my mind for the longest time but I don’t know know why I keep forgetting to buy it. When I saw it, I refused to leave without buying it and I’m very pleased! 😌

6) Red Cherry bottom lashes: I’ve never used bottom lashes before and decided to buy and explore it. 😄

7) Maybelline Colossal Kajal 12H Extra Black (new): From the picture, you can tell that this is a new kind of colossal kajal. I’ve not seen it in Nigeria yet and that even gingered me to buy it immediately! I’ll also do an in depth review of it soon guys! Stay tuned!

Where to buy:
No 7 Beautifully matte face primer
Mymakeupng. Get it here

Maybelline falsies mascara “black drama”
Accessoriesng. Get it here

Maybelline lasting drama gel liner
Yangabeauty. Get it here

Red Cherry bottom lashes
Yangabeauty. Get it here

Bdellium tools flat eye definer brush
Yangabeauty. Get it here


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