ACCESSORIESNG: A MUST SHOP TO VISIT THIS YEAR is an online shop that specialises in selling beauty products and assessories such a bags, jewellery, belts, etc

But right now, I want to focus on their beauty products.
They sell quality beauty products that are hard to find in Nigeria. From Sigma to Urban Decay to Mac to real technique brushes, ben nye powder, NYX, maybelline, bhcosmetics and so much more! They ship these product directly into the country.
They are authorised retailers of sigma brushes. These brushes are regarded by most makeup artists as one of the bests. They were so rare in Nigeria but thanks to this company, you can purchase them at your convenience and have them delivered to you. You guys have know idea how long I have been waiting for Sigma to be in Nigeria.

They do custom orders, in the sense that if you want a particular product that is not available in Nigeria, you can order for it specially and they will ship it in for you from the US. Cool right?

I strongly recommend this online store for you. They have most of my favourite makeup products which are often hard to find here in Nigeria.
Some of my faves are Sigma brushes, Ben nye banana powder, maybelline, real technique brushes and bhcosmetics. is one shop to visit this year if you’re looking for quality beauty products.

Click here to visit the store



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