ASIDE MAKEUP: THE WORD!!! Genesis 39:21-


Genesis 39:21- even when Joseph was thrown into prison, God was with him. You may be going through things today but it may all be in God’s master plan to take you to somewhere great. So when you’re going through rough things, don’t be quick to blame God. He seeth all and He knows what you’re going through, so be patient and let Him do His will. Just like Job. Even when the devil took everything he had, He was still faithful to God. He didn’t blame or curse God because he knew that the same God that blessed him, can do it again and he understood God. He understood that God would not wish bad for him (Jeremiah 29:11). Job was given double of what he had because he was still faithful and devoted to God even when he went through rough times. He did not curse God just as his wife told him to do. He was patient. At the end, God gave him DOUBLE!!! Same with Joseph. When he was accused and thrown into prison, did he curse God? No! He continued being faithful to God and He made him great. God lifted him. Everything Joseph laid his hands to do, God made it prosper. So be patient and leave God to do his mighty works in your life. Don’t let what you’re going through distract you from God.


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