picture1413805075 This is the latest product in town and there’s a lot of hype about it. I bought one to try out over the weekend and I must say that it’s worth the hype. I bought the colour “bombshell” which is like a bright magenta. IMG_20141020_140205


According to their website (,

“Glazed Lip Paints give the intensely pigmented appearance of a lipstick, with the ease and glossy finish of a lipgloss. Glazed collection includes 18 of the most sought-after, trendsetting colours this season while providing long lasting, hyper glossy, ultra rich colour to lips. Extreme bright colours cool and nourish lips with vitamin E and peppermint oil.”

la girl

I love the fact that it is very pigmented, vibrant and long lasting. And the peppermint oil gives it an extra edge. Most of my lip products are matte, I shy away from glossy products because I fear that they may not be pigmented enough and long lasting. But this glazed lip paint has totally won my heart and I can’t wait to buy more colours!

Price: 1000 naira

Where to buy: Beauty Kink (Get it here)





I achieved this look using my House of Tara Magaret Ekpo eye shadow palette. This palette is amaze balls guys! 

Product Details


Mary Kay foundation 507

LA pro HD concealer in cool tan (highlight)

LA pro HD concealer in beautiful bronze (contour)

MAC mineralize skin finish in dark

Milani mineral powder in medium

Sleek blush in pumpkin


House of Tara Magaret Ekpo eye shadow palette

Magnolia makeup eye fix

NYX jumbo pencil in milk

Maybelline falsies mascara

Maybelline studio gel liner

Maybelline colossal kajal

Jordana Fabu brow pencil


Concealer + lip gloss



I’ve been MIA for a while due to so many things; school, project, graduation, NYSC, etc. So I haven’t been settled. But I’m settling down presently and I want to be blogging frequently.
But first, I felt my readers should get to know me first. So, below are 20 facts about me but if you have any question about me you need to know, please put it in the comment box.

  1. My name is Abaside Toni Esu. “Abaside” means “God dey” or “There is God.” I prefer to be called Toni because people tend to murder the pronunciation of Abaside.aq2
  2. I’m 19 years old. Yes I know, I’m way older than my age. Was born 1st of January (New year baby).:D 
  3. I’m the fourth child out of five children. Two elder sisters and two brothers. I’m also a proud aunty of three wonderful children!
  4. I’m a graduate of mass communication from Covenant University (2014). Im currently doing my service.
  5. I’m a Christian. A woman of faith, apple of God’s eye. Without aq3him, I wouldn’t be where I am today! (I love you Lord! 😘)
  6. I’m a professional/certified makeup artist. I attended two makeup schools; Mascoteda makeup school (2012/2013) and advanced training at House of Tara makeup school (2014). I haven’t been able to practice much because of school but now that I’m done, I’ll be doing a lot.
  7. I’m an introvert. I don’t talk a lot, I suck at communicating. I’m more of an observer. I’m very peaceful and down to earth. I’m also an optimist to the core! I cant stand negativity. I believe that anything is possible.
  8. I’m very skilful, really good with my hands. I have an artistic background. I can draw and do crafty things. I love being creative in everything I do.
  9. I’m a certified foodie! Lol! Anyone who has stayed with me for a long time will confirm this. Food is a beautiful creation guys! Fufu, Chinese, chocolates, chicken and rice are my food baes! :)aq4
  10. I’m not the makeup artist that wears makeup everyday. 80% of the time you see me, I’m without makeup. Not that I’m not passionate about it, I just don’t wear it every time.
  11. I’m an internet addict! I’m constantly browsing, on Instagram, YouTube, reading blogs, etc. I finish my data bundle in less than a week. I know, I need help.:| (Please who has any tip for me? Would really appreciate it.)
  12. I love to keep up with the Kardashians especially Kim! I love Kim mehn! I love her so much that my hatred for Kanye had to stop (serious hatred). I love her personality and don’t like how people judge her (it’s not fair guys :'(). By the way, North West over Blue Ivy! 😒
  13. I’m very very shy even though I appear tough on the outside. But once to get to know me, you’ll love me.
  14. I love sports! I can play basketball, volleyball, table tennis and a little soccer. I was never photo 5idle during any of my secondary school inter house sports.
  15. I’m a picture freak, a selfie freak (not addict). I had over 7000 pictures on my iPad and had to delete some some cos of space. It came down to 4000 and that was the best I could do and it keeps increasing everyday. People get tired of going through my pictures so I warn them before hand. Pictures inspire and motivate me, that’s why my best social media is Instagram.
  16. I don’t have a lot of close friends but I cherish the little I have a lot! Especially the ones that have been with me through my worst and best times.
  17. I can’t go a day without thinking of my future children and husband :). I already miss them even though I haven’t met them. Yes I’m weird…
  18. I aspire to be a “Global celebrity makeup artist.” A makeup artist with global impact celebrated around the globe. Watch out for me guys! 😄
  19. I’m an indoors person. I love to stay in my room, on my bed, watching movies/series in my pyjamas. But I go out once in a while to have a little fun.
  20. Overall, I’m someone you should watch out for, someone you’ll never regret meeting, someone you’ll love to work with, someone you’ll never forever.

photo 3

I hope this was very informative. Please if you have any question, leave it in the comment box. Thank you!!

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FACEBOOK: tonitheartist

Dubai mini makeup haul

Hey guys!
So I went on holidays recently to Dubai and was able to get a few things. Couldn’t get so much cos I was under a budget. :|
Anyway, I got the essential things I know I may not be able to get back home.


1) No 7 Beautifully matte face primer: I’ve been looking at this product from afar and wasn’t sure of how good the brand was but after reading about it on a friends blog, I decided to buy. I must say that I’m very impressed with it so far!! I would be doing an in depth review on it soon.

2) Maybelline falsies mascara “black drama”: if you follow my blog well you’ll know that this is my all time favourite mascara! Its like the apple of my eye 😍🍎. I never fail to buy it anytime I travel out. I’ve already done a review on it.
3) Maybelline lasting drama gel liner: this is my second time of buying this gel liner. I really enjoyed it and ran out of it so fast.


4) Cinema Secrets makeup sponge: I recently realised how useful makeup sponges are in makeup and I decided to purchase one.

5) Bdellium tools flat eye definer brush: This brush has been on my mind for the longest time but I don’t know know why I keep forgetting to buy it. When I saw it, I refused to leave without buying it and I’m very pleased! 😌

6) Red Cherry bottom lashes: I’ve never used bottom lashes before and decided to buy and explore it. 😄

7) Maybelline Colossal Kajal 12H Extra Black (new): From the picture, you can tell that this is a new kind of colossal kajal. I’ve not seen it in Nigeria yet and that even gingered me to buy it immediately! I’ll also do an in depth review of it soon guys! Stay tuned!

Where to buy:
No 7 Beautifully matte face primer
Mymakeupng. Get it here

Maybelline falsies mascara “black drama”
Accessoriesng. Get it here

Maybelline lasting drama gel liner
Yangabeauty. Get it here

Red Cherry bottom lashes
Yangabeauty. Get it here

Bdellium tools flat eye definer brush
Yangabeauty. Get it here




Jordana Fabu brow pencil
Magnolia pigment in cayenne
BH 120 eyeshadow palette 5th edition
BH 26 eyeshadow palette
Milani pen liner
Clinique high impact mascara
Maybelline colossal eyeliner
Red cherry lashes #wsp
Amazing shine eyelash glue

Mary Kay foundation 507
LA pro HD concealer in cool tan (highlight)
LA pro HD concealer in beautiful bronze (contour)
Maybelline clear smooth all in one powder in Toffee
Milani compact powder in medium
Nicka K bronzer
Sleek 3 in 1 pumpkin blush in P pie

LA colours lip liner
LA pro HD concealer in cool tan
Nude lipgloss
Sam Fine canary diamond lipgloss

My Everyday Makeup Look Video Tutorial #tonitheartist

Wanna know how I highlight and contour?? Wanna know how I fill/draw my brows? Then this video is for you!!
Maybelline studio gel liner
Clinique high impact mascara
Jordana eyebrow pencil in cool bean

Marykay foundation 507
LA pro HD concealer in cool tan
Milani compact powder
LA colours mineral blush in autumn
Nicka K bronzer
Black Opal Stick foundation in beautiful bronze
Matte brown eye shadow (for nose contour)

LA colours lip pencil in deep pink
Jordana Rose Lust matte lipstick